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1939 — The War starts

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IN May 1939 a census presented to the Town Council showed that 3,500 children could be accommodated in Helensburgh, mainly from Glasgow but also from areas between the burgh and the city.

Should the order be given they could arrive within two hours. Churches would be used as an initial processing point.

By November 1939 grocers were able only to obtain about 40% of their pre-war supply. Everyone should be registered with shopkeepers by 23rd November for the supply of bacon and ham, butter and sugar.

In December it was stated that the number of local officers and other ranks who lost their lives in the three months September, October and November was approx 2,100. This compared with the first three months of the 1914-18 war of 1,200.

Arrangement were being made for the establishment of a Military Barracks for the Highland Light Infantry on Colgrain Estate, about 100 yards east of Camis Eskan East Lodge. Ground down towards the shore will be used for recreational purposes for the soldiers.

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